Focus Massage
Our 30 minute Focus Massage is just that! Your therapist will target a specific area of need and focus primarily on that area. Using Swedish massage techniques to help relieve pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

30 minute $45

Swedish Massage

Our most popular therapeutic massage which uses long, fluid strokes with light, medium or firm pressure. Swedish massage will help relieve stress, reduce pain, boosts and promotes relaxation
60 minute $70
90 minute $95

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is similar to Swedish Massage but the techniques used focus on the deeper layer of muscles usually with deeper pressure. Deep Tissue Massage targets knots and helps release chronic pain.
60 minute $85
90 minute $105

Prenatal Massage

Our Prenatal Massage is a side lying massage mainly geared towards the changing bodies of pregnant women. This massage relaxes muscles, soothes sore areas, improves circulation as well as making the mother to be feel good, relaxed and less anxious. It can also help with many discomforts during pregnancy.
60 minute $70
90 minute $95

Structural Bodywork

This specialized treatment is best if you suffer from low back pain or Sciatic Nerve Impingement. Therefore, muscles receiving the most focus are direct culprits of localized low back pain that may or may not radiate down the legs. Bodywork treatments will include a customized consultation to create a care plan that is gentle yet precise followed by your massage treatment.

60 minute $105

​90 minute $140

Massage Therapy and Body Wraps

Our massage sessions consists of a few minutes at the beginning with your therapist reviewing your intake form and discussing your particular needs and focus areas, a few minutes to undress, followed by 20/50/80 minute hands on massage and a few minutes at the end to redress.


Massage Enhancements

At Smooth Image you can customize your experience by adding on one or more enhancements to your massage. Each one provides a different benefit leaving you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated. 

Aromatherapy $10 add on

Choose from one of our signature blends to create the massage experience perfect for you. Our aromatherapy blends will help you relax and enhance your well being. 

Hot Stones $15 add on

A perfect addition to our Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. Hot stones help melt away muscle tension and provide a deeper relaxation. Warmed lava stones are used on focused areas to help transport you to a blissful state. 

Enhanced Pain Relief $12 add on

If you suffer from a chronic area of pain then adding this treatment to your massage will help provide lasting relief. The use of warm towels and a blend of essential oils following deep tissue techniques combine a results driven outcome that will alleviate limited mobility or overuse of muscles. 

Scalp Treatment $10 add on 

Relieves headaches and neck tension. Nourishes and hydrates the scalp and hair with the use of peppermint and lavender oils.

Seaweed Body Wrap

A treatment for the body! Our Seaweed Body Wrap is the best for metabolic stimulation, nutrient-rich Klamath Blue-Green algae to help hydrate and detoxify the body and Rose Hip Seed to nourish, rejuvenate and help heal the skin. Active essential oils will lift the spirits and provide excellent aromatherapy benefits. Your body wrap will begin with an exfoliation of the body using using exfoliating gloves. Followed by the application of the Seaweed gel. You are then wrapped in hot towels and thermal body toaster. While wrapped, slip into relaxation and detoxification with a scalp massage. The treatment is concluded with removal of the product and an all over body great.

45 minutes $42